Code Quality on the rise: How to create better…

With the days of small games and applications generating enough revenue to make a living from them being gone, even in the mobile space, its unavoidable that our projects grow in size and often also in code complexity.
But as natural as this step is for development, its very unfavorable for us that Unity is not exactly helpful when it comes to maintaining code quality and ensuring that regression is prevented, until now!

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Visual Scripting – Holy grail or apocalypse for game…

Visual Scripting has gained a lot of attention the last years.
Its considered to be kind of a holy grail to enable designers to achieve their vision without coding like never before.

The likely widest known usage in the game development is Unreals Kismet which is powerfull and well integrated and especially makes cinematics creation very easy. But its also Kismet that shows the limits compared to going with UnrealScript, there are just things it can not do or things that look that clumsy that you really don’t want to do it there. So lets talk about the pro and con in detail.
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