Augmented and virtual reality in Unity in 2021

With Unity 2021.1 on the horizon, I am reworking the content to bring it up to the current state of extended reality.
Building on this opportunity, I create a new series of content to share the insights gained over the past 8 years.

Over the course of this new article series we will visit the current state of extended reality in Unity.
We will visit the current AR Foundation and VR and the increasingly important space of GeoAR. Starting from there, we will deep dive into XR Interaction System and MARS.

All of this will leverage modern and often free Unity packages. These free up your development team to empower your creation process and amplify the user experience. This will unlock your art and design teams, leading to better products faster.

If there is something you would love to learn about, I am looking forward to hear from you. I invite you to join me and steer the evolution of existing and new content.

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