After significant changes last month in my professional life and new opportunities on my work can empower you, the website is currently being reworked completely.

If you have any professional enquiry, any professional need related to Unity, the Unreal Engine or AR, MR and VR in general please use below contact form to reach out to me and I’ll return to you as soon as possible.

For those looking for the old introductions into specific topics with Unity I’ve left the old blog posts present at the end of this website.

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Manage save games in Unity without pain using NDatabase

As developers, we all know that save games are an important aspect to most of our games, even more so on mobile where the game can be disrupted at any

Learn how to kickstart your unity multiplayer games

Unity Multiplayer Games … are no easy thing to create, so I’m glad that I recently got offered the opportunity to write a review on Alan R. Stagners book Unity Multiplayer

Code Quality on the rise: How to create better applications in Unity 3

With growing complexity in Unity projects and its lack of proper MonoDevelop & Visual Studio integration, maintaining code quality and preventing regression can become a major problem. With the TestStar extension for Unity its finally possible to overcome these through Unit Testing your code but also your scenes.

Visual Scripting – Holy grail or apocalypse for game development

Visual Scripting is a growing branch of interest also in the creation of interactive software and games. While it initially especially bloomed on the art creation front with node based procedural texture and shader generation, its also more and more attempting to drive the interaction and code of applications. But will it really allow you to code your games visually?

Summary of this years ZHDK Game Design Bachelor projects

A summary on this years bachelor projects at the ZHDK course of game design.

OSX Lion, iCloud and iOS 5 and what they means to us as users and developers

A short breakdown on all the new stuff we heard about OSX 10.7 aka Lion, iOS5 and iCloud today at Apples WWDC 2011 Keynote